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Student Life

JDS Support

Once accepted as a JDS Fellow, you are entitled to receive following support from the program.

  • Full tuition fees
  • One round-trip air fare
  • Arrival allowance
  • Accommodation allowance
  • Monthly scholarship
  • Subsidiary allowance for purchasing books
  • Subsidiary allowance for shipping
  • Subsidiary allowance for traveling and seminar
  • Overseas travel insurance
  • Supports from the agent
    - Finding accommodation
    - Initial settlement of your life in Japan
    - Emergency situation etc.

To start with, JDS Fellows will be provided with pre-departure orientations, arrival briefing and orientation program to prepare your study in Japan, and with support for initial settling in including immigration related procedures and housing. Although not all the people speak English in Japan, you don't have to worry. Many universities as well as we will assist you smoothly start your academic life in such environment.

Throughout your study in Japan, various supports are also available by us including monitoring meeting and support on emergency situations to assist your smooth academic life at each university. We will conduct regular individual monitoring meeting to see if the Fellows are doing alright and facing any problems or not. This is a good chance to talk about your current situations or concerns of your daily life while you are in Japan. With this support, more than 98 percent of JDS Fellows successfully complete their academic work as scheduled.

Once you successfully complete course work and conferred master's degree, you will return to your country and be a member of alumni. Each fellow is expected to use knowledge, network, and experience gained in Japan for the betterment of your own country.

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Process flow

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Life in Japan (General Information)

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Voice from "Sempai" - Message from returned JDS Fellow

Mr. Maksatbek Sazykulov [Kyrgyz Republic]
Deputy Head of the Division, President’s Office of the Kyrgyz Republic
JDS Fellow AY2012 – 2014 International University of Japan, Graduate School of International Relations

1, Impression of the JDS Project

JDS Project is the only scholaship program specialized for public servants in my country which aims at training public and municipal employees, who are currently working for state organizations. An important distinction of JDS from others is that it ensures preservation of the workplace during studying period in Japan and provides career advancement after their return.

2, JDS contribution towards carrier development

The current situation with the career advancement of JDS graduates Kyrgyz Republic can be considered as a model for other countries. Thus, after graduation, JDS Fellows are not just continuing to work in their former positions but constantly being promoted to higher positions in my country. For example, I became Deputy Head of the Division of State and Territorial Management and Personnel of President’s Office of the Kyrgyz Republic. It should be noted that my division is one of the key policy- determining units in state system of the country.

I also want to stress that the number of JDS Fellows in leadership positions at all levels of public administration is constantly growing. Such examples occur in Ministries and Agencies, Municipalities, and others. For example, a number of graduates were promoted or invited to work in the President’s Office of the Kyrgyz Republic, the Government Office, became Deputy Ministers of Finance and Economy, Heads of Departments and Divisions, Judges in Regional Courts etc. There are plenty of such examples of successful career of JDS Fellows in Kyrgyz Republic. Thus, study under the JDS Project has become a kind of standards of competitiveness and professionalism.

In general, each year the number of JDS Fellows is increasing. At the same time, the demand for JDS graduates is also growing. It seems that the JDS is becoming a kind of bright brand for the "production" of decision –makers and high management in all countries where JDS is functioning. JDS alumni turn into one big and strong team and support each other.

In this regard, it is necessary to strengthen the network of JDS alumni associations of the participating countries, as well as promote (start) network within the JDS alumni association from other coutries JDS Project is implemented.

3, General impressions about life in Japan and your stay in Japan

Japan - a country, which makes visible and tangible changes in people - psychology, culture, etc. Also for me, Japan has become a model country in many things. During my study at International University of Japan, the study process was provided very well with good conditions (modern and big study classes, good library, around the clock available study and computer rooms with Wi-Fi, student dormitories located near of them and etc.) and experienced professors. Location of all these facilities at one campus show that the students are always in the learning process.

Thanks to JDS Project and Japan!!!

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