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Application for JDS 2023 is already closed.

Doctoral Degree Program

1. Applicant Eligibility

Nationality Citizens of Sri Lanka
Age Be the age of 45 or under (as of April 1st, 2024)
Academic Background
  • Be a JDS Returned Fellow (a person who completed Master's Degree under JDS), OR a person who completed Master's Degree in Japan
  • In principle, have published at least one peer-reviewed article/ paper*. (Includes an article/paper which has been accepted but not yet published).

* The following applicants are included under the requirement:

  1. )an applicant who has a prospect for publication of a peer-reviewed article/ paper.
    *A paper which has been submitted to a journal and under review
  2. )an applicant who has a concrete plan to publish a peer-reviewed article in an academic journal in collaboration with his/her intended faculty supervisor.
Target Group - Eligible Officer:
  • Have returned to and served for the country for a certain years set by his/ her organization after completion of Master's Degree
  • Belong to the Target Group of JDS and his/ her research theme is relevant to the Development Issues of Sri Lanka
  • Receive a recommendation from the supervisor of his/her current duty office. (Reference Letter should contain evaluation of applicant's performance at work and relevance of his/her research theme to his/her career.)
  • Have a recommendation from the expected academic adviser(s) of the applying university (Submission of a draft academic guidance outline or a supervisory plan is desirable.)
Health Condition A person of sound mind and body
Applicants need to take and pass all medical check-up priority to the technical interview, arranged by JDS Project Office. Applicant who cannot take or pass all medical check-up will be disqualified from JDS scholarship.
Pre-condition Applicants are expected to have special interest in studying in Japan as well as motivation to utilize their experience and human network developed through JDS in their career
Ineligibility A person falls under any of the following items is NOT eligible to apply:
  • Military personnel registered on the active list or person on alternative military service cannot apply for JDS.
  • Those who are currently awarded or scheduled to receive another scholarship from other foreign donors.
  • Those who have obtained a Doctor's Degree overseas under the support of foreign governments scholarship programs.

【Other Conditions】
The applicant must;

  1. In principle, enroll in the same graduate school of the university where he or she obtained a Master's degree.
  2. Present a research proposal relevant to the development Issues of their country referred to in the framework of Sub-Programs and Components.
  3. Complete the course within, and not exceeding, three (3) years. However, if it is judged that the Doctoral Degree is likely to be obtained, the extension up to 6 months will be accepted.
  4. In principle, study courses should be completed in Japan and it will not allow to conduct On-line for graduation.
Components (JDS Development Issues) Target Group Maximum Slots
1-1 Public Policy Studies

"Executives/ Senior Executives", who are mentioned in the Public Administration Circular No.06/2006, Annexure II, Page 2, IV Senior Level, and Page 5, 3.10 & 3.11.

* Board of Investment (BOI) staffs can apply for 1-2-3.
** 4 Semi-government organization staffs can apply for 1-3

1-2-1 Macroeconomics Studies
1-2-2 Public Finance and Investment Management
1-2-3 Industry Development Policy and Investment Promotion
1-3 Urban and Regional Development

** 4 Semi-government organizations: National Building Research Organization (NBRO), Central Environmental Authority (CEA), National Water Supply and Drainage Board (NWSDB), Waste Management Authority (WMA)

2. Selection Procedures

1) Application Deadline

Deadline for Application: December 1st (Friday), 2023

Application documents will not be returned for any reason.
Application documents must be submitted to ERD from your Ministry or Organization by deadline. Late submission and incomplete application documents shall NOT be accepted.

2) Tentative Schedule

Schedule Steps Description
Sep - Dec 1st, 2023 Application Closing Date: 4:30 p.m. on December 1st (Friday), 2023
To Ministry of Finance, Economic Stabilization & National Policies, Department of External Resources through ministry or organization to which you belong.
Further details → See "8. Application Procedure" in Application Guideline
Dec, 2023- Jan, 2024 1st Selection Document Screening: Application Documents and research plan will be examined by the JDS Operating Committee*1.
Jan, 2024 Health Checkup The health checkup will be arranged at a hospital in Colombo
Jan-Feb, 2024 2nd Selection Comprehensive Interview: The Operating Committee members will conduct the interview exams.
End of March, 2024 Approval by the OC Successful candidates will be approved and notified
Mar - Jul, 2024 Application and Screening by the University Each university will conduct its entrance examination for the candidates.
Each university has their own evaluation criteria, and some universities require an interview or a written test in Japan. (In such case, JDS will support the candidates for the travel cost to Japan)
Jul, 2024 Notification of Screening Result Final successful candidates will be announced by the Operating Committee after screening by accepting universities.
Aug, 2024 Departure for Japan JICE will arrange air-ticket, visa, and also support after the arrival in Japan

* Above schedule is subject to change
*1 In case where the total number of applications is more than six (triple of the number of slots), document screening by the O/C will be conducted before the interview.

<Important Notes>
  • Application Documents will not be returned (Please keep a copy of your documents)
  • Application Documents with false statements or plagiarism will be immediately disqualified
  • A result of each selection will be announced only to successful candidates by JICE JDS Project Office.
  • In principle, reasons of the selection-results will not be disclosed.

3. Download of Application Guideline and Application Documents

Please refer to the Application Guideline and submit a full set of application documents by the deadline.

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  1. Application Guideline
  2. Application Documents
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