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Application for JDS 2023 is already closed.


1. Introduction

The Project for Human Resource Development Scholarship was launched in Maldives in 2020. Up to the present, total of 16 Fellows have been dispatched to Japan.
JDS is now recruiting the applicants for the academic year 2024-2025, who understand its aims and are interested in 1 or 2 year master degree program at Japanese accepting universities.
The program will be instructed in English.
The number of scholars is 6 per year.

2. Applicant Eligibility

Nationality Citizens of the Republic of Maldives
Age Between 22 and 39 years old as of 1st April 2024
(Born on/after 2nd April 1984 and born on/before 1st April 2002)
Academic Background Hold a Bachelor's Degree from universities authorized by the Government of Maldives or other countries
Other requirements of academic background
University of Tsukuba
Those who have less than 16 years of formal education (from primary school to university) need to go through the eligibility screening after being selected as a final candidate.
Occupation Civil Servants
Permanent Staff at Independent Institutions
Permanent Staff at Court and its related organizations
Work Experience
  • Currently employed in the Target Organization as a full-time employee (Except contract staff).
  • Have a minimum of 2 (two) years of work experience.
  • Probation period can be included in the 2 years.
  • 2 years of work experience can be counted as a total in different Target Organizations.
  • The service period as a contract staff, part-time staff, and volunteer cannot be included in the 2 years.
English Proficiency Have a good command of both written and spoken English.
IELTS 6.0 or higher is preferable.
※JDS office will arrange IELTS test for those who do not have valid score.
Health Condition Mentally and physically in good health.
Others Must understand the objective of JDS project well, and have a strong willingness to work for the development of Maldives and contribute to the friendly relations between Maldives and Japan after their return
Ineligibility A person corresponds to the followings is not eligible to apply.
  • Those who are currently receiving (or is scheduled to receive) another scholarship (including other scholarships of Japan).
  • Those who have obtained a master's or higher degrees.

Please check the List of Target Organizations

  1. Civil Servant - Government Offices
  2. Civil Servant - Local Councils
  3. Permanent Staff - Independent Institutions & Court and its related organizations

3. Selection Procedures

1) Promotion Seminars

JDS Information Session (Face-to-Face & Online)
Individual consultation sessions are available upon request both in person and online. JICE staff will provide you with more detailed information on JDS Project and how to prepare the application documents. Please feel free to contact JICE JDS Project Office at +960 725 2007 (Tel/Viber/WhatsApp) or

Special Seminar on How to Write a Research Plan
As JDS provides Master's degree program, writing a good research plan is crucial to be successful in the selection. Video recording of the seminar given by a qualified lecturer on how to write a research plan for JDS application (how to set the topic, basic structure, citation, etc.) is available here.

2) Application Deadline

Deadline for Application: 4:00 p.m. on 03 December (Sun) 2023
Deadline Extended: 4:00 p.m. on 24 December (Sun) 2023 (Closed)

Submit your application through Online Application System.
For more details, refer to "Apply Now"

3) Tentative Schedule

Schedule Steps Description
26 Sep. - 03 Dec.
- 24 Dec. 2023
Application Closing Date: 4:00 p.m. on 03 December (Sun) 2023
Closing Date: 4:00 p.m. on 24 December (Sun) 2023 (EXTENDED)

Further details → Application Guidelines P6 "How to Apply"
Mid - Late Dec. 2023
Mid Dec. 2023 - Early Jan. 2024
Academic aptitude test English (IELTS) and Math tests: The test results will be reviewed by the universities in later selection stages.
For more details, please see "6. English & Math Exam" below.
Early - Mid Jan. 2024 1st Selection Document Screening: Application Documents and research plan will be examined by the Japanese universities.
Those who passed the 1st selection will proceed to the 2nd selection.
Early Feb. 2nd Selection Technical Interview: Faculty members of the Japanese Universities will conduct their interview exams.
Those who passed the 2nd selection will proceed to the 3rd selection.
Mid Feb. Health Checkup The health checkup will be arranged at a hospital in Male'
Late Feb. - Early Mar. 3rd Selection Comprehensive Interview: The Operating Committee members will conduct the interview exams.
Early Mar. Approval by the OC Successful candidates will be approved and notified
Apr. - Jul. Admission Procedure JICE will support admission procedures for each university
May- Jul. Japanese Language Class Provided to successful candidates by online class (3 months /100 hours)
May-Jul. Orientations Provided by JICA and JICE (including Japanese Language Course)
Aug. Departure for Japan JICE will arrange air-ticket, visa, and also support after the arrival in Japan
<Important Note>
  • All the selection costs will be covered by JDS Project.
  • Limited transportation and accommodation allowance will be provided to candidates coming from provincial areas for the selections.
  • Application Documents will not be returned (Please keep a copy of your documents).
  • Application Documents with false statements or plagiarism will be immediately disqualified.
  • A result of each selection will be announced only to successful candidates by JICE JDS Project Office.
  • In principle, reasons of the selection-results will not be disclosed.

4. Research Plan

In the JDS selections, each candidate will be evaluated on her/his academic abilities enough to pursue the master program in Japan as well as the potential of the future contribution to the country. Thus, it is highly recommended to explain that the objective of your research plan be in connection with the development issues under your applying Component, and to rationalize how the study will be addressed in accordance with the career path, corresponding to the current position and responsibility in the belonging organization.
It is also recommended to study your applying university to make sure if the curriculums of the university and fields of specialization of faculty members are relevant to your research.
Remember that plagiarizing from somebody's work or websites are strongly prohibited.
Please refer to 'Tips on Application and Selection (Reference)' and 'Guideline for Writing a Research Plan' in the Application Guideline (downloadable from this website) for more information.

5. Supportive videos for the application

movie-icon How to write a research plan (Special seminar for JDS Maldives 2023 applicants) (80 min)
movie-iconInterview with JDS 1st batch Fellows

6. English & Math Exam

All qualified applicants, except those who have valid IETLS score, will be required to take English proficiency test (IELTS) in Male'. Math test will be also conducted for the applicants for University of Tsukuba and National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies. Applicants for Ritsumeikan University will be exempted from the Math test.

  • IELTS consists of 4 parts: 'Listening' for 30 minutes, 'Reading' for 60 minutes, 'Writing' for 60 minutes and 'Speaking" for 11 - 14 minutes.

    JICE JDS Project Office will notify you of the date of IELTS Academic Test after your application submission is completed. The test will be held at Villa College QI Campus in Male'. (Check https://takeielts.britishcouncil.org/maldives for more details.)

  • Math test of around 60 minutes consists of Arithmetic operations, Solving fractions, Equations, Inequality, Matrix, Basic quadratic functions, Basic operations of exponential and logarithmic functions, Basic Integral and Differentiation, etc.

    Preparatory seminars will be scheduled from 4th to 13th December (except Friday and Saturday) both in person and online, where a specialized lecturer will analyze and explain past math exam questions and provide exercises based on past question trends.

For the Math test conducted in Maldives in 2023, use of calculators is ALLOWED. Calculators will not be provided at the test venue. Test takers can bring their own calculator to use it during the test. Use of phone is NOT allowed.

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