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100-hours Japanese language training before coming to Japan

From the Spring of 2022, 100-hours Japanese language training program was launched in 15 JDS implementing countries prior to the arrival of JDS fellows in Japan. The aim of this program is to nurture fellows to be familiar with Japan by deepening their understanding of Japanese and encouraging their smooth communication in the community and universities.

In order to acquire the Japanese language skills in a short period before their arrival in Japan, JDS fellows attended Japanese language classes after their official duties on weekdays/weekends, starting with the basic Japanese language study. The goal was to reach a level at which they could understand basic Japanese to some extent (Japanese Language Proficiency Test level: N5).

Some of the fellows immediately started using the Japanese they have learnt with their friends and Japanese teachers in the classroom, exchanging greetings as “Konnichiwa!” “Otsukaresamadesu!”

JDS Mongolia fellows practicing Shodo, the Japanese calligraphy

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