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Application for JDS 2023 is already closed.

Doctoral Degree Program

1. Applicant Eligibility

Nationality Citizens of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Age Between 25 and 45 years old as of April 1st, 2024
Academic Background
  • Obtained Master's degree from Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
  • In principle, have published at least one peer-reviewed article (published in internationally recognized academic journals),
* The following applicants are included under the requirement:
  1. ) an applicant who has a prospect for publication of a peer-reviewed article/ paper.
  2. ) an applicant who has a concrete plan to publish a peer-reviewed article in an academic journal in collaboration with his/her intended faculty supervisor.
* A paper which has been submitted to a journal and under review
Work Experience
  • CSS/Cadre officers
  • Federal Ex-Cadre officers (BPS 17 and above) -Except Corporate Body & Autonomous Body
  • Required at least 3 (three) years of work experience after entering public service including a period of probation as full-time employee in the target organizations at the time of application (Part time jobs and volunteer activities are not counted as work experience). Have worked at least 3 years after entering public service at the time of application deadline
Health Condition
  • Mentally and physically in good health.
Responsibilities of JDS Fellow
  1. To contribute to the socio-economic development of Pakistan with the acquired knowledge upon return to Pakistan.
  2. To follow the JDS rules and regulations.
Before departure
  • JDS Fellows must submit a JDS pledge to the Operating Committee to commit themselves to follow JDS Rules.
During the stay in Japan
  • The Fellows are allowed to bring their family members to Japan only after 3 months from the date of arrival. Visa application procedure should be done by the fellow.
  • The Fellows are prohibited from
    ・Driving motor vehicles
    ・Applying for further studies such as a doctoral course in Japan
  • The Fellows must complete the study within the predetermined period of study, and return to his/her country immediately after the study completion.
After returning to home country
  • The Fellows must attend a report back meeting held by the Operating Committee.
  • The Fellows are obliged to return and work in Pakistan in compliance with the rules of the Government of Pakistan.

Further details will be explained in an orientation conducted after the selection

Ineligibility A person corresponds to the followings is not eligible to apply
  • Those who are currently receiving (or is scheduled to receive) another scholarship (including other scholarships of Japan).
  • Those who have obtained a master's or higher degrees overseas under the support of foreign scholarship.
  • Military personnel registered on the active list or person on alternative military service, and also personnel on temporary leave from the active list.
  • Receive a recommendation from the supervisor of his/her current duty office. (Reference Letter should contain evaluation of applicant's performance at work and relevance of his/her research theme to his/her career.
  • Have a recommendation from the expected academic adviser(s) of the applying university. (Submission of a draft academic guidance outline or a supervisory plan is desirable.)
  • Present a research proposal relevant to the development issues of their country referred to in the framework of Sub-Programs and Components.
  • Have fulfilled the work obligation stipulated in the JDS contract / JDS pledge letter, e.g. A JDS Fellow 2 must work in his/her country in compliance with the rules of the Government of Pakistan.
  • Complete the course within, and not exceeding, three (3) years. However, if it is judged that the Doctoral degree is likely to be obtained, the extension up to 6 months will be accepted.

2. Selection Procedures

1) Application Deadline

Deadline for Application: November 17, 2023

Application documents will not be returned for any reason. Late submission and incomplete application documents shall NOT be accepted.

2) Tentative Schedule

Tentative Schedule Steps Description
Sep - Nov , 2023 Application Deadline will be November,17,2023
Nov- 2023 - Jan, 2024 IELTs &※ Document Screening IELTS. The test results will be reviewed by the universities in later selection stages.
※In case where the total number of applications is more than three (triple of the number of slots),
document screening by the O/C will be conducted before the interview.
Jan - Feb, 2024 Health Checkup
End of Feb - March, 2024 Selection by O/C The Operating Committee members will conduct the interview exams.
March, 2024 Approval by the OC Final candidates will be approved and notified
Apr-July, 2024 Screening by the University Each university will conduct its entrance examination
July, 2024 Announcement of Successful Candidates by the Operating Committee Successful candidates will be approved and notified
Depends on Conditions
Departure for Japan Provided by JICA and JICE
    JICE will arrange air-ticket, visa, and also support after the arrival in Japan
<Important Notes>
  • All the selection costs will be covered by JDS project.
  • No TA/DA until the interview exams selection. From the interview exams selection, limited transportation and accommodation allowance will be provided to applicants coming from provincial areas.
  • Application Documents will not be returned (Please keep a copy of your documents for yourself)
  • Application Documents with false statements or plagiarism will be immediately disqualified
  • A result of the selection will be announced to all applicants by Email
  • In principle, reasons of the selection-results will not be disclosed.

3. Download of Application Guideline and Application Documentsn

Please refer to the Application Guideline and submit a full set of application documents by the deadline.

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  1. Application Guideline
  2. Application Documents
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