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Application for JDS 2023 is already closed.

Master's Degree Program

1. Applicant Eligibility

Nationality Citizens of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Age Between 25 and 40 years old as of April 1st, 2024
Academic Background
  • Possess a Bachelor Degree authorized by the Government of Pakistan or other countries
  • 16 years of formal education is required (in principle), however, relevant academic/research career or working experience can be considered as the alternative to meet the requirement.
Work Experience
  • CSS/Cadre officers
  • Federal Ex-Cadre officers (BPS 17 and above) - Except Corporate Body / Autonomous Body
  • Required at least 3 (three) years of work experience including a period of probation as full-time employee after entering public service at the time of application (Part time jobs and volunteer activities are not counted as work experience).
English Proficiency Have a good command of both written and spoken English.
TOEFL 500-550 / IELTS 5.5 and above is preferable (not required).
Health Condition Mentally and physically in good health.
Responsibilities of JDS Fellow
  • To sign and submit the pledge to follow the conditions deemed necessary as a JDS Fellow. (If the Fellow violates any articles of the pledge, the scholarship may be cancelled).
  • To attend the pre-departure orientation in Islamabad (about 1 week in July-August 2024).
  • To fully participate in briefings/orientations in Japan (August-September 2024).
  • To contribute to the socio-economic development of Pakistan with the acquired knowledge upon return to Pakistan.
  • To follow the JDS rules and regulations
Ineligibility A person corresponds to the followings is not eligible to apply
  • Those who are currently receiving (or is scheduled to receive) another scholarship (including other scholarships of Japan).
  • Those who have obtained a master's or higher degrees overseas under the support of foreign scholarship.
  • Military personnel and military civilian employees registered on the active list, and also personnel on temporary leave from the active list.

2. Selection Procedures

1) Promotion Seminars

Promotion Seminars are scheduled to provide more detailed information on JDS Project and how to prepare application documents for prospective applicants as follows:

2) Application Deadline

Deadline for Application: November 17, 2023

Submit your application through Online Application System.
For more details, refer to "Apply Now"

3) Tentative Schedule

Tentative Schedule Steps Description
Sep - Nov , 2023 Application Deadline will be November 17, 2023
Further details → P6 "Application Documents"
Nov - Dec , 2023 Academic aptitude test IELTS and Math tests1. The test results will be reviewed by the universities in later selection stages
Dec , 2023 - Jan 2024 1st Selection Document Screening: Application Documents and research plan will be examined by the Japanese universities.
Jan - Feb, 2024 Health Checkup The health checkup will be arranged at a hospital in Islamabad
Feb, 2024 2nd Selection Technical Interview: Faculty members of the Japanese Universities would visit to Islamabad to conduct their interview exams (Or online interview would be held.)
End of Feb, 2024 3rd Selection Comprehensive Interview: The Operating Committee members will conduct the interview exams.(Face to Face)
March, 2024 Approval by the OC Successful candidates will be approved and notified
Mar-Apr. 2024 Admission Procedure JICE will support admission procedures for each university
May - Jul, 2024 Japanese Language Training Provided to successful candidates by online class. (3 month/100 hours)
Aug, 2024 Orientations Provided by JICA and JICE
Aug, 2024 Departure for Japan JICE will arrange air-ticket, visa, and also support after the arrival in Japan

1 Applicants for Ritsumeikan University (CP 1-2) will be exempted from the Math test.

<Important Notes>
  • All the selection costs will be covered by JDS project.
  • No TA/DA until 2nd Selection. From 2nd selection, limited transportation and accommodation allowance will be provided to applicants coming from provincial areas.
  • Application Documents will not be returned (Please keep a copy of your documents for yourself)
  • Application Documents with false statements or plagiarism will be immediately disqualified
  • A result of each selection will be announced to all applicants by Email
  • In principle, reasons of the selection-results will not be disclosed.

3. Research Plan

In the JDS selections, each candidate will be evaluated on her/his academic abilities enough to pursue the master program in Japan as well as the potential of the future contribution to the country. Thus, it is highly recommended to explain that the objective of your research plan be in connection with the development issues under applying Component, and to rationalize how the study will be addressed in accordance with the career path, corresponding to the current position and responsibility in the belonging organization.
It is also recommended to study your applying university to make sure if the curriculums of the university and fields of specialization of faculty members are relevant to your research.
Remember that plagiarize from somebody's work or websites are strongly prohibited.
Please refer to 'Tips on Application and Selection (Reference)' and 'Guideline for Writing a Research Plan' in the Application Guideline for more information.

4. Supportive videos for the application

5. English & Math Exam

  • Taking an IELTS is required to every qualified applicant. The test results will be reviewed by the universities in later selection stages.
    • Refer to the link for IELTS sample questions to prepare yourself:
  • Every qualified applicant* will be required to take General Math Test in Islamabad on designated date.
    • Math test of around 60 minutes consists of Arithmetic operations, Solving fractions, Equations, Inequality, Matrix, Basic quadratic functions, Basic operations of exponential and logarithmic functions, Basic Integral and Differentiation, etc.

The scores will be reviewed on the 1st selection by the accepting universities. Universities may require the applicants to have good command of English skill (TOEFL 500 / IELTS 5.5 and above) and numeracy skills. Please be well prepared for the exams.

* Applicants for Ritsumeikan University (CP: 1-2) are exempted from the General Math test.

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