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Fields of study, so called "Sub-Program" and "Component", correspond to and deal with the target Priority Areas for the social and economic development of Timor-Leste.
The participants of JDS shall be selected from the "Target Organizations" whose mission is closely related to the respective "Sub-Program" and "Component".
This approach gives its most importance on "Selection and Concentration" on the development issues of the country, securing further effectiveness and efficiencies of the JDS Project.

(Target Priority Area)
(Development Issues)
Accepting University
Graduate School
to be
1. Improving Administrative Ability and Institution Building 1-1. Improvement of Public Administration and Legal System Hiroshima University
(1) GS of Humanities and Social Sciences
(2) GS of Innovation and Practice for Smart Society
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1-2. Improvement of Service Delivery International University of Japan
GS of International Relations
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2. Promotion of Industrial Policy Gifu University
GS of Natural Science and Technology
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3. Promotion of Environmental Policy and Natural Resource Management Hiroshima University
(1) GS of Advanced Science and Engineering
(2) GS of Innovation and Practice for Smart Society
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